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Online CRM, ERP Software for small business

Our Products

Online ERP Software Systems for Small Business 


AWATA’s ERP is a secure, interactive business management software solution on the cloud. It is a single reliable ERP Software for small business. This Online ERP system helps small and medium enterprises to achieve their goals, success and improve efficiency of staff.

We offer and provide end-to-end solutions to manage your business

  • Manufacturing / Production
  • Purchases, Material Management, Inventory
  • Warehouse Management
  • Human Resource, Supply Chain
  • Finance and Accounting, Sales and Marketing
  • Dealer / Distributor / Channel Partner - Third Party Handling
  • Customer Support and Service
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Real Time Performance Assessment and Analytical
  • Business Planning and scheduling

Why Choose Awata’s ERP

  • Ready to use in the least minimal time
  • Planned implementation as per need
  • Totally reliable and secure
  • No investment on IT resource staff
  • No license fee
  • Low or Minimal Maintenance Cost – Complete End to End Support as required
  • Affordable – Very Low Capital Expenditure
  • Scalable, Flexible, alterable and agile suite of software solution to cater to changing business needs and demands
  • Enormous amounts of data can be entered, tasked and handled with ease
  • Real and True ROI (Return of Investment) can be determined

Implementation of Business ERP software solutions requires careful planning and TEAM - AWATA are well versed, experienced and accomplished in their core domain area of IT Software Solutions and understand the need to engage with the client/s prior to any implementation/s.

Team - AWATA as a prerequisite has a core ideology where we comprehensively engage with client/s to acquire important information and exact strategy, priorities, focus area and available resources to determine and create purposeful plan/s as per predefined needs and goals whilst ensuring the ideal product selection as per specific demands in the business environment and to provide key designs / designing of the software solutions to deliver on what is needed so that client/s meet their own predetermined goals with AWATA ERP.

Some delegated roles, assignments and tasks in any business may overlap and the expected results or efforts may get nullified due to lack of coordination or improper flow of information and the expected objectives seemingly being rendered unrealistic due to the prevailing situation.

Awata’s ERP Solution helps and offers the precise requirement that is demanded and exists for the business plan and ideas to improve or enhance the existing or any new business process or function which are streamlined in each operational area of the business.

We provide a complete Software Suite for any business operations which can be customized and developed to suit the business needs.

Our ERP software Solutions helps manage business with ease by integration of all facets of business.

We also offer on premises / on-site ERP software solutions as per the clients available infrastructure and IT hardware of own internal server/s. We can provide solutions as per varying business models, needs and demands and have the expertise to upscale and / or upgrade the software solution as per any business requirement/s.

The ERP software Solutions provided by AWATA is highly secure with various levels of controls and restrictions while offering easy availability of information for the ease of doing business operations without having to worry about any data leakages or privacy concerns.

Secure sub-domain for online or cloud based ERP solutions and systems for individuals, companies, vendors and / or associated entities for easy accessibility and usage.

Awata’s ERP is a definitive software solution for all divisions and departments of the business team and for all functions and processes of business operations.

Awata also offers Integrated or stand-alone solutions and software tools for any / all functions and processes.